Spice up your office

How many hours on average do you spend in the office each week? With the rise of work from home people are converting their spare bedrooms, sleepouts, garages, wherever they can find, into home offices. But there’s one problem – making the space yours.

When you spend every day in the same space you need to add your own personality to it, that’s where Nanoleaf come in. Change the mood of your environment with the push of a button. You can change them to your favourite colours, or if you’re really in the zone a plethora of white shades to keep you focused. With the newer Lines and Elements your wall can turn into an art installation.

Here at the Home of Brands office we have quite a few different Nanoleaf features, the Elements model decks out our sitting room making the whole space feel warm and homey in the way only a wood feature can.

The Nanoleaf Lines are in our workspace, setting their future-focused glow on our space.

The Nanoleaf Shapes range are in our boardroom, bringing an element of custom fun needed in the area where a lot of the Home of Brands magic happens. The point is – with Nanoleaf your space can be custom-made for you.

With the Shapes range boasting 16M+ colours, you’re bound to find something that makes your home office yours (instead of just a room you’re working in). Take control of your space, make it different, make it creative, make it yours.



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