Double$Down Back Hander Long Board

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For the speed freak amongst us, hit the hills and hold on tight. The Backhander will get you to the bottom in one piece. Bamboo laminate top and bottom over tough Canadian maple and a clear sand deck grip for a stylish look. Street wheels give you shock absorption with smoothness and speed on any surface. Tough Reverse Kingpin (RKP) Alloy trucks provide the perfect blend of Looseness vs stability. ABEC-7 bearings will out pace your mates every time.

Grab your board, tighten your trucks, pad up and get loose.

  • 41 x 9inch downhill longboard
  • Top and bottom ply Bamboo with 6 ply Canadian maple
  • 7 inch RKP trucks
  • SHR 90A bushings
  • 70 x 51mm 78A PU street wheels ABEC-7 Chrome bearings
  • Clear sand deck grip
  • 3 year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Designed in NZ, Made in China

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