Global Takumi 6 Piece Bamboo Knife Block Set

Global KnivesSKU: 79636


The 6 Piece Takumi Knife Block set includes our five best-selling knives, all housed on an elegant magnetic storage block. This block set is available in three different timbers and allows you to have your knives safely on display. Each knife in this set has been carefully chosen, allowing you to complete any preparation task in the kitchen with ease. The name Takumi translates to “Artisan” in Japanese, which pays tribute to the skilled workers in the Global factory that continue to make our knives by hand in the traditional samurai tradition.

Global knives are made from Cromova 18 stainless steel, specially developed by Global as it holds a razor-sharp edge and resists rust, stains and corrosion. Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58, each knife is carefully weighted for optimum performance and balance.

Other unique features include its smooth contours and seamless construction which eliminates food and dirt traps offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene. The acute 15-degree angle cutting edge provides unsurpassed performance and superior edge retention.

When purchasing any Global knife block set, it is strongly recommended to invest in a ceramic water sharpener or whetstone in order to maintain your knives and keep them razor sharp.

What’s in the box:

  • Paring Knife 9cm
  • Vegetable Knife 14cm
  • Carving Knife 20cm
  • Bread Knife 20cm
  • Cooks Knife 20cm
  • Magnetic Storage Block

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