Logitech G24 Gaming Mouse Mat

Logitech GSKU: 943-000046


The Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Mat can give gamers access to enhanced sensor accuracy and precision. G240 uses a surface texture comparable to the optimal testing environment for Logitech G mice. Gaming using low-DPI settings benefits from moderate resistance to the mouse feet when starting or stopping a rapid movement. Heat-treated at 200° C, the cloth surface of Logitech G240 provides just the right amount of friction for low-DPI manoeuvres.

With a flexible cloth construction, the Logitech G240 rolls up for easy transport and lies flat when you’re ready to play. Protect the mouse pad when you take it to LAN events using the durable hexagonal packaging. Heavy patterns and designs can interfere with sensor performance. The Logitech G240 features a clean, consistent surface texture. This gives sensors better imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement, an improvement over inconsistent or dirty table and desk surfaces. The rubber base firmly bonded to the cloth helps keep the flexible surface in place to prevent the cloth from bunching up in front of the mouse and interfering with smooth mouse movement. At just 1 mm thick, the G240 maintains a low profile. The soft fabric improves comfort as the wrist moves back and forth across the mouse pad’s edge.

  • Moderate Surface Friction
  • Consistent Surface Texture
  • Matched to Logitech G Sensors
  • Stable Rubber Base
  • Comfortable Cloth Construction
  • Roll for Transport
  • Dimensions (mm) 340 (W) x 1 (d) x 280 (h)

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