Logitech PRO Flight Throttle Quadrant

Logitech GSKU: 945-000032


If you like to fly multi-engine aircraft, most flight sim controllers leave you a couple throttles short. Flight Throttle Quadrant is the solution, providing three extra levers to control even more engines, flaps, gear, spoilers or any other programmable axes. In addition, three momentary, two-way toggle switches on the quadrant's base create a total of nine programmable commands.

Logitech G Throttle Quadrant is equipped with adaptable mounting clamps which provide the freedom to configure your kit in any manner you see fit. Whether on top of your desk or clamped to the front, you can securely place the controls exactly where you want them. Modular and Interchangeable. The Logitech G range of instruments can be situated one on top of another or side-by-side. Want the Radio Panel above the Multi Panel? Done. Want your Switch Panel to the left of your Yoke? Go for it. Easy-to-use mounting brackets provide the means to arrange your flight simulation setup in a configuration only limited by your imagination.

Learn to Fly an MD80. Simulate the Actual Aircraft with This Kit. For a quick simulation configuration to get you in the pilot’s seat of an MD80 twin-engine commercial jetliner, this bundle is the recipe:

  • 1 Flight Yoke System
  • 2 Flight Instrument Panels
  • 1 Flight Switch Panel
  • 1 Flight Radio Panel
  • 1 Flight Multi Panel


  • Secure with Adjustable Mounts, Rugged Fastening Hardware Included
  • Fully Customisable for All Flying Conditions, Modular and Interchangeable
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation
  • Connection Type 1x 1.8m USB 2.0 Cable
  • Throttle Quadrant Dimensions (mm) 165 - 175 (W) x 110 - 175 (L) x 90 (H)
  • Quadrant Clamp Dimensions (mm) 110 (w) x 108 (L) x 90 (H)


  • System Requirements Windows 10, 8.1, 7
  • Compatible with most Major Simulation Software and Games

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