Studio Proper iPad Connect Wall Mount

Studio ProperSKU: SPCIPAMDB1


We designed this product with one basic question in mind — How do we mount an iPad simply, securely, and beautifully to the wall? And to be honest, we're pretty certain we nailed it.

The iPad Wall Mount Disk is designed for those of you who want to turn your iPad into a dedicated media hub, Spotify controller, smart home remote, recipe book, or voice assistant From controlling your thermostat to watching Netflix on the toilet; we made sure the Wall Mount Disk was super slim, super secure, and super simple.

Twist & Click

The connect series works by aligning your case up to your Wall Mount & rotating into place.

Super Slim

Barely a fingertip off the wall. Refined for seamless viewing and comfortable mounting.

Switch Orientation

Mount your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation with ease.

Clean Installation

The Wall Mount can be fixed to the wall either with screws, or a specially considered, super strong adhesive for a hole-free solution.

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