Embracing the Instrument of Change

The Conscious Consumer movement is stronger than ever in Aotearoa New Zealand and Home of Brands is proud to be an active supporter and advocate for organisations supporting people and making change.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide are actively using their consumer power to support organisations and action for a better future.  The Home of Brands Conscious Consumer programme makes it possible for consumers to be directly involved in philanthropic giving by giving them the power of consumer choice.

The unique Conscious Consumer programme provides a rebate from every consumer dollar spent through Home of Brands directly to partnering organisations so that money can be delivered to organisations supporting people and making change.  The power is in the hands of the conscious consumer.

Conscious Consumerism is about people having awareness and utilising their consumer power of purchase to impact and influence change for good.  Home of Brands partners directly with consumers, organisations and companies dedicated to exercising this power.

How does the Home of Brands Conscious Consumer Programme work?

Step one:
Join your organisation with Home of Brands as a Conscious Consumer Partner.  Register here for a wholesale account at Home of Brands to get underway with the Conscious Consumer Programme.

Step two:
Let your staff, members and supporters know about your proactive choice. Tell them to join the Home of Brands Conscious Consumer Programme identifying your organisation as the one they support.

Step three:
Your people get access to warehouse direct discount prices from Home of Brands and purchases are delivered directly to their home. Every dollar spent by your people generates a rebate paid directly to your organisation to fund your projects for good.

Almost half of the Aotearoa New consumer population believe corporations have the greatest potential to solve societal problems. Almost half say they will switch brands supporting a charity, in the coming year - (2022), (rising to over 4 in 5 saying possibly). 

- NZ Conscious Consumer Report 2021

Home of Brands is proud to connect with Partners and the power of Conscious Consumerism to brands and corporate organisations to influence change.