Logitech Z47 2.1 Speakers with Bluetooth & Wireless Control

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The Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers with Subwoofer and Wireless control. 80 watts of power joins precise digital signal processing (DSP) to deliver immersive, lifelike sound. Hear the crisp high notes, the powerful mid and low-range, and all the bass you can handle. 

Experience immersive, 80 watts lifelike sound, from crisp high notes to powerful mid and low-range notes, with no compromises on bass. 20 watts of bass, plus DSP takes you to that sweet balance of depth and clarity. The ported, down-firing subwoofer adds “boom” to music, movies, and games, while maintaining a rich, crisp sound. DSP combined with unbridled power gives you a balanced sound profile and enhanced bass, so you can hear everything across the sound spectrum.

The wireless control dial and dual-position speakers let you control your sound and style. Adjust bass and volume from across the room. Position speakers horizontally or vertically. You’ve got options. Connect up to three devices via Bluetooth, micro USB, and the 3.5 mm input. The wired input button on the bottom of the dial switches between wired (3.5 mm and micro USB) connections. Quickly switch back to Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button. Connect via Bluetooth, micro USB, 3.5mm input, or all three and switch between them. Even from across the room.


What can 20 meters do for you? A 20-meter wireless range lets you adjust your sound from across the room, all with the wireless control dial. Play/ Pause/ Skip/ Rewind work when connected via USB or Bluetooth. Audio controls may vary when playing certain LIVE contents under USB/ Bluetooth, and adjust volume and bass. Do it all from the control dial. It’s easy, and you don’t even have to get off the couch.

Say goodbye to “boxy.” These oval-shaped speakers are ready to stun in sleek graphite gray, blending into your desktop environment without getting in the way. Lay them upright or horizontally to get the look you want. They’re so compact, you can even sneak them under your monitor to save space. Use them to curate your space.

  • Dial Into Great Sound Wirelessly
  • Bass Meets Clarity
  • Connect 3 Ways
  • Integrated controls
  • 3.5mm and Micro-USB Inputs  
  • 40 watts (RMS) of power

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